Sarah Laud

A National equestrian competitor.

Horseback riding requires bravery, dedication and hard work.

Sarah Laud is a competitive horseback rider with over a decade of experience. She loves the horses she rides and has been a competitor in dozens of competitions since she joined the sport. As a varsity competitor she has shown commitment, as well as discipline, working closely with her equine companions in order to stay competitive and be successful in the field.

Sarah Laud is a 2020 high school graduate and an Honors and AP student. She currently lives in New Jersey, where she has created a place for herself in the community. In school, she has established a strong academic record which she plans to continue and expand in college. Beyond her academics, she has found a passion  for horseback riding and has been closely involved in the competitive equestrian sport for nearly her entire life.

Fostering a Love of Horses
Sarah Laud is a US Equestrian Foundation and a US Hunter Jumper Association member, earning a Varsity Letter in each of her high school years for her accomplishments.  She has competed at dozens of meets and shows in many states over multiple years. Sarah has qualified and competed in several National Finals, including Marshall and Sterling National Finals, USHJA Zone 2 Hunter Finals, and two Junior National Hunter Finals, riding and showing different horses.  A few of her highlights include: 2017 Champion in the 3ft Hunter category at the Vermont Summer Festival, 2018 Reserve Champion in 3 ft Hunter at the HITS III, and multiple Reserve Championships in Junior Hunters 3’3” 2019. She looks forward to continuing in the field as an athlete and equine guardian.

In addition to competitive horseback riding, Sarah Laud is also deeply engaged within the community, participating in multiple summer camps as a trainer, counselor and equine care practitioner. With the Crewe Hill riding camp, Sarah is experienced as a counselor and riding instructor and  helps children from Kindergarten on up learn more about the sport and important safety information for riding and horse care.  Sarah is also skilled in equine rehabilitation and veterinary care including managing horse injuries and administering medications by injection. 

Academics and Involvement
Though her love of horses and equestrian sports are near and dear to her, there is much more that describes Sarah Laud. She is a focused academic. She was involved in a variety of school activities and projects including: Girl’s Leadership Outreach and Worth; Salmagundi yearbook writer and senior editor; and Writing Center tutor. Sarah was selected as a Crimson Ambassador for her school, leading tours and open houses for potential students and their parents, and was honored to be chosen as the student representative to the Alumni Board.

Serving the Community
Community has always been very important to Sarah. She has participated in and led a wide variety of service activities. These range from assisting the homeless, providing meals, collecting and donating school supplies for underprivileged children, and working for equity and women’s rights. She has long been a volunteer with the Community Soup Kitchen by making and donating meals and fundraising through the Annual Hunger Walk. Her support of local non-profits for the disadvantaged in need is something that Sarah is committed to and has participated in throughout the years. Additionally, she is the founder of the “‘Lets for Pets” nonprofit, which raises money for animal welfare shelters with custom bracelets and anklets. She supports the group through designing and crafting the items and, importantly, has created an online storefront to help the non-profit reach a wider audience.

Sarah Laud looks forward to a future college experience in which she can continue with her academics, participate in sports and engage in  and serve the community.