Horseback riding can be a refreshing experience. It is even more so when riders follow specific tips as they navigate any trail. Following these tips promises a better experience for the rider and his or her horse.

Vet Checks

Before a rider takes their horse out for the season, a vet must ensure the horse is physically able to handle it. Those who plan to cross state lines on horseback may need a required certificate, stating the horse is fit to complete the trail. A vet should also ensure any horse is at the ideal weight to survive a riding trip successfully.

Even if a rider isn’t leaving their specified trail on horseback, it is still necessary to get the proper vaccinations from a vet. Otherwise, encountering other horses or even bugs like mosquitos can have negative consequences. Venomous snakes and other animals found in the wild also pose a threat to any unvaccinated horse. Some of the most important vaccinations to get are rhinopneumonitis and influenza. Horses that may be exposed to snakes should also get a snakebite vaccine.

Hoof Health

At least two weeks before embarking on an excursion, a horse should be fitted for hoof pads. The rails one is going to travel should be taken into consideration at this time. The health of the horse’s hoof is also something that needs to be considered. Many riders will equip their horse with shoes and carry a spare pair with them during the trip.


When training a horse to navigate a new trail, they should be trained on the same type of terrain and at the same elevation. Long-distance trail trips require a training period of four weeks, with sessions held three days each week.


Keeping the horse safe is the most crucial part of any trip. They must be accustomed to being tied up anywhere that it is necessary to do so. When they are not tied up, they need to know how to navigate anything they may encounter, including concrete, wood, and metal surfaces. They should also be trained to walk in mud and step over shelves of rocks. Experts recommend taking a pair of horses along on a trip so they can keep each other company.