Equestrian is a fun and competitive sport that requires both the rider and the horse to be physically fit. The riders need to have a good relationship with their horses by ensuring they are calm for an effective and safe ride. Below are essential tips for beginners.

Greet a Horse

The best way to establish a connection with a horse is to greet and spend some time with it. Proper horse communication creates strong bonds that show trust and respect. One can greet them by offering the back of their hand to welcome their interests to respond. They then reciprocate by drawing closer to them and exchanging breaths from their necks.

Mount with Confidence

Horse mounting can be scary; it is essential to train on the right horse to build and handle one’s confidence. Gaining confidence takes persistence, and enough confidence in the horse that one is riding—a quiet, experienced with the right temperament and a perfect size to manage is the right choice.

Wear Proper Horse-Riding Gear

The proper attire during horse riding affects how effective and safe the ride will be. Among the essential equestrian riding, attires include unique horse-riding clothes, saddle, bridle, helmet, and boots. Some physical demands for the attires differ from one discipline to another as trends keep changing.

Being Gentle with the Reins

Horse riding requires enough strength and coordination. It is essential to learn all the body balance for the ride to be more comfortable, safe, and easy. Most new riders face the problems of riding upon letting the reins slide through their hands. Having the right posture with the shoulders back is vital for the safety of the horse.

Never Hold the Saddle Horn for Balance

Maintaining a firm grip on the throat while pulling the weight down to the feet ensures a healthy balance throughout the ride. It is an essential horseback riding tactic that most new riders fail to adhere to. The saddle horns act as a support to stay on the horse; hence the balance needs extra techniques.

To improve the riding skills, trainees regularly undertake horse riding lessons. Riding the horse does not only come with physical benefits but also helps relieve stress and gain confidence. It’s a perfect sport.