Horses need both physical and mental fitness to excel in a competition. Horses are likely to be in their best shape when adequately taken care of and their needs satisfied. They require daily care that results in long-term care, making them more efficient come the next season. Here are a few exercises to prepare your horse.

Daily Grooming

Grooming involves brushing down the horse’s topcoat with a soft brush, rubbing them with hot clothes to enhance their coat’s shine in general, and trimming with trimmers and scissors make your horse look polished and smart. This process does not take a tremendous amount of time and therefore keeps them neat at all times.

Daily grooming reduces the amount of maintenance they need in preparation for a competition. However, this regimen is more effective with their coat’s outward appearance, but the glow usually resonates from within. Therefore the horse should be well-nourished and is provided with adequate and proper minerals.

Physical Fitness

Physical well-being is also essential when preparing a horse for a competition. Therefore the horse needs various types of exercises to be well prepared for a particular competition. Although this is not an overnight task, it gives great joy to see them win a cross country competition. Have a proper fitness schedule as to where and when one trains their horse and how long the training takes to don’t end up wearing them down.

Ensure to have short walks at intervals of the movement to build their cardiovascular fitness for the next season slowly. If the horse is trotting and walking when it has an injury, this will slow down its recovery time, but it has room to heal quicker when it short exercises with more intervals. Overtraining is a disadvantage in the long run since an injured and tired horse will not win a competition now, will it?

Mental Fitness

Like human beings, horses also need to be mentally fit to do well in a competition. When they are anxious, they do not do well. Find methods of putting the horse at ease when it’s nervous, like rubbing or brushing them. A comfortable horse is a winning horse! Horses are like people; they need to be taken care of in all aspects, both physically and mentally, for it to excel in any competition.