A trainer can make all the difference in the rider, the health, and the horse’s welfare. Finding a trainer can be difficult because you want to find someone who shares the same values, integrity, and work ethic while also entrusting them with your horse and rider


Training and boarding can be a significant cost depending on your geographic location, the breed of the horse, and the trainer’s reputation. It’s crucial to make sure the trainer’s rates are well within your budget, especially if other costs will arise throughout the year. 

Finding a Trainer

Finding the right trainer will take time and research. The most talented trainers do not advertise their services and often receive new riders through word of mouth. When the time comes to start looking for a trainer, it’s important to discuss your training goals with people in the industry because they can give you leads on the best trainers. 

If your training goals include something specific like jumping or competition, start attending events and pay close attention to what you see in the barns and warm-up areas. Pay attention to the riders and horses that are performing well and the trainers working with them. 


As you begin to narrow down your list of potential trainers, it’s essential to ask for references. This can be informal, but it’s crucial to know if the trainer is in good standing with your breed or has a previous disciplinary record. You should also check in with your contacts in the industry and ask if they have any feedback about the specific trainers you are considering. A vet and farrier will also provide you with valuable information about the trainer and their interactions in barns.

Hiring a Trainer

Once you’re confident with your final candidate, you will need to finalize your agreement. To protect everyone involved, trainer, rider, owner, and horse, everyone should sign the contract, addressing any questions that each person may have. All of the terms for training, boarding (if the horse will be staying at their facility), and specific pick up and drop off dates should be included in the agreement. 

These are just a few of the tips you should be aware of when hiring a new trainer. Good luck with your search!