All riders know the difference between great gear and subpar gear, and the difference can be significant. It ranges from impacting the comfort to the rider’s safety. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes hard to find the best gear in the mix of all the equipment on the market. Here is some of the best gear that every rider should know about before they get ready to ride.

The priority a rider should have is safety. The Hit-Air vest is a good choice for any new rider or any rider that wants a little more protection. The simple vest lets riders down easy, if they ever have an unfortunate accident and make a spontaneous dismount. It straps onto the saddle and gives riders peace of mind.

There’s more to worry about than just safety, though. Horses need to be well brushed, fed, watered, and kept comfortable. This pin brush does just that. The Massage Pin Brush is a gentle brush that works wonders and tangled manes or tails. This brush also lasts far longer than other brushes on the market. Riders can thank us later as they enjoy easy brushing and an enduring brush.

Of course, riders will need a way to carry all of this equipment and any other equipment they pick up and need in shows or casual rides. The Noble Outfitters EquinEssential Collapsible Tote has a compartment for everything, with a few leftovers. Not only will it carry everything you need and more, but it’s also made of a heavy, durable canvas that can withstand any wear and tear it might come across at the barn, and it’s water-resistant. Even if it’s drizzling, riders can be confident that nothing in their bag will be sopping wet when it’s time to take care of their horse. Overall, there isn’t a better bag for riders.

In the end, while the sheer amount of good gear to choose from can be overwhelming, the best pieces certainly stand out, even in the crowd. Go for the best, so you can go for gold in competitions or have fun on casual rides. Don’t let anything stand in the way of you, your horse, the ride, and a good time.