Owning a horse requires a lot of work, so it’s best to be prepared before making such a big commitment. There are a few things to consider when buying a horse, including what to feed it, when to groom it, and where it will live.

Like any animal, horses need food and water to survive. While this may seem simple enough, horses require just the right amount of food to remain active and healthy without becoming overweight. Since horses need so much food, it may seem like a good idea to always have food available, so the horse doesn’t go hungry. However, free-feeding isn’t recommended because horses don’t regulate their food intake, leading to overeating and excess weight. Instead of continually replenishing the food, a horse should be fed a specific amount two times a day. These guidelines shouldn’t be followed for water, however. Instead, horses should have access to an unlimited supply of clean water.

Horses also need to be groomed and exercised regularly to ensure they stay in good health. One easy way to keep on top of grooming is to brush the horse’s coat and clean its hooves every day. Not only does this keep the horse looking and feeling good, but it’s also a chance to check the horse for any injuries or health concerns so they can be addressed without delay. To stay in top condition, a horse should be taken out for exercise several times a week for rides or lunging (a form of training).

When taking care of a horse, it’s important to give it the best environment possible. This involves providing a safe shelter to sleep at night and a large area to graze and move around during the day. A horse stall should be designed and constructed properly to ensure safety. It should also be cleaned daily and receive fresh bedding regularly, so the horse feels comfortable when inside. For the best environment, a horse should have at least 1.5 acres of fenced-in pasture to roam safely.

Taking care of a horse is a big responsibility, but knowing what it takes to care for one can make the journey a bit easier.